I want you to be happy

To anyone who might be reading this

I'm in that place in my life where I'm genuinely happy for other ppls success. I hope that everyone I know is content with their lives, it's something ppl I text frequently can attest to, it's a question I ask my friends... if they are happy

I want you to be happy...

Whether you are family, a friend, my ex, an acquaintance from work, the guy I like, or the person who just flicks through my social media. I want you to be happy.

Whether I have…

A few Moments in time that changed my life

On the 24th of February i was ready for new beginnings, I had just moved to my own place in Nugegoda, it was 15 minutes away from work. i was excited, in part my heart was broken.. sure but i was ready to move on with my life and leave you behind.. but i was late… very late. so i had walked to the laughs supermarket and got myself a pregnancy test.

lo and behold on a night that signified my independence i found out i was pregnant. …

Rules every woman needs to adhere to .

I have seen my share of relationships, possibly some other peoples shares as well.

I am in no way claiming to be a relationship expert, cos goodness knows I’m not ( if i were I'd probably be in a normal healthy relationship) but Ican tell you this. I have been in plenty of relationships to know what is and isn't acceptable.

At the age of 30 (almost 31 now) I have been in a 3 serious relationships and one of them was an abusive marriage that I walked away from. …

In a day the day age of the #metoo movement, feminism, and womens rights I must confess that I still wonder if any of that is still relevant to me, or other women I meet.

In our society Women are expected to serve, to be caretakers, nurturers. To be patient, forgiving understanding, tolerant of many forms of abuse and to do it all with a smile on our faces.

Problems are meant to be kept within the four walls of your house. Never to be spoken of, regardless of the atrocities we face. …

I used to watch you and relate, cos I had that same relationship with my mom. And always wanted your relationship with Rory whenever I had a kid.

I wanted that.

Now , re-watching after all those years. I realize that my life has many parallels to yours. We are both single moms. Doing the best we can. We both have contentious relationships with our parents. We both have great relationships with our daughters. This is where I want the similarities to end.

recently someone I was talking to asked me what I wanted in a man, the conversation came…

Karen Theory

Lessons in heartbreak

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